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About me

Whether you are here because you are getting married, in search of a family photographer or someone to document your event - I am so happy you're here. I would love to collaborate and bring you the amazing images that you deserve.

I bring a relaxed, fun yet professional voice to your wedding day with a spirit of collaboration. I look for the real moments throughout your day with an eye to bringing an elegant and epic final image. 

I've got an amazing and talented wife, four incredible kids that bring me joy on a daily basis, a dog that wants to be a person, a cat who absolutely knows it's superior to all of us, and if that wasn't enough - we've added a couple of guinea pigs that eat their own weight in veggies every day.

For inquiries, please contact me and let's chat about your day!

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Romantic. Relaxed. Real.


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Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to get my photos?

Most portrait and engagement sessions are edited and sent in about a week. Wedding images generally take two to four weeks before they are delivered to you in a gallery. I am happy that at this point in my career I am able to send fully edited images to my clients weeks and maybe months faster than a lot of photographers.

What if I don't need engagement photos?

Engagement photos are included and are one of the very best ways for all of us to really get to know each other before the actual wedding day. If there is a reason you are not interested or able to take engagement pictures there are options we can consider. That session would be honored at a later date, such as around your first anniversary or even as a family session. Obviously, I would still want to meet IRL to talk about your wedding day if at all possible.

Do you provide video services as well?

At this moment I do not have video options. I am interested in building that in for the future, but until I have mastered those areas of skill, I feel it would be wrong of me to advertise that as part of what I do. However, I do know a large number of professionals that I can recommend.

How many photos should I expect from my wedding day?

Over the course of a wedding day I take hundreds and sometimes thousands of pictures from the moments I say hi to the time I say goodbye. One of my most important jobs right after (and one that only lots of experience can provide) is to eliminate the test shots, missed focus and unflattering expressions in order to tell the strongest story of your day possible. What you see as a final set of images are the best of the best and still typically many hundreds of beautiful pictures.

Why should I hire you to be our photographer?

I've developed as a photographer for a few decades now (I have an instant recall of the smell of film and darkroom chemicals). I didn't leave a career to jump into photography to try something new. I went to college to become a professional photographer and I apporach every wedding with a massive amount of respect and excitement for your day. Weddings are wonderful events where everyone looks their best and good moods abound, but it's also one filled with technical challenges and the need for someone to make things happen. Above all, it's your day - not mine. In a world of "rock star" photographers I would rather be your stage manager (with a camera).